Janna Sur Mer es un centro turístico tropical.

Janna Sur Mer es un centro turístico tropical. Que incorpora una boda hecha al aire libre y boutique hotel  Líbano- Damour

Quien no necesita un tiempo de inactividad para relajarse y descansar?

Usted estará mimado con el lujo en Janna Sur Mer. Es el mejor complejo tropical en Líbano y en el mundo.

Anidado en jardines exóticos, Janna Sur Mer es el último paraíso del Mediterráneo, y es el lugar ideal para toda la familia.

Con vistas al mar Mediterráneo, este complejo de 5 estrellas cuenta con 2 restaurantes de cocina internacionales, jacuzzi bar, bar de playa y un hotel boutique. Janna Sur Mer es un complejo de temática tropical con 5 piscinas para que usted pueda disfrutar y relajarse.

Janna Hotel-Líbano también dispone de bungalows exclusivos y lujosos donde el sueno encuentra la realidad en un ambiente mágico de tranquilidad absoluta. Los huéspedes pueden degustar la cocina local e internacional. El servicio de las habitaciones está disponible toda la noche.

Para relajarse, los huéspedes de Janna Sur Mer pueden disfrutar del infinito de la piscina o practicar deportes acuáticos. Janna Sur Mer tiene dos lugares para organizar su boda. Podemos ayudarle a establecer su ceremonia de boda en una isla Polinesia fantástica o en un exótico jardín tropical al aire libre.

Usted enamorará de este maravilloso lugar “Janna Sur Mer”.

Janna Sur Mer, Paradise has Never been so Close!

Janna Sur Mer, Paradise has Never been so Close!

We have all dreamed of visiting: “Paradise”. Besides the far magnificent destinations like Bali and Thailand, did you ever think that paradise might actually be closer to you than ever – In Lebanon? On the seashore of Damour lays the resort of your ultimate paradise and home of relaxation, fun filling and exquisite food –“Janna Sur Mer”.

The name “Janna” in Arabic language stands for “Heaven” or “Paradise”; Janna Resorts extends over 50 000 square meters of seashore of astounded beauty, offering various styles of wooden and tropical style bungalows, each bungalow is surrounded with an exotic private garden and a private pool,and panoramic sea front view. The Sunset bungalows are no more than 3 meters from the shore and the soothing sound of the waves can be heard from the bedrooms.

“Friday Happy”, pampers ladies between the age of 18 & 30. Ladies, enjoy a haven day at Janna Sur Mer resort for only US$10including a complementary drink at the Jacuzzi bar. I mean it is #HappyFriday; you beauties deserve a big celebration this summer!

Janna Sur Mer is an idyllic haven for couples and families alike. Ride the wildest slope, massage under the water falls at the island, or head directly to the sea and play with the waves which are glistened with the sun.

And if you are looking for the hottest or the wettest pool parties… there it is, Janna Sur Mer is your resort! JoinJanna Sur Merevery Sunday, and experience the ultimate pleasure of partying and relaxing. How!!!! You ask? Let us sketch you the picture: Imaging yourself soaking in your private Jacuzzi, or at the Jacuzzi’s Bar while sipping signature “Janna” cocktail and feasting your eyes on the breathtaking view of Damour’s seashore, lush tropical gardens and Palm-studded surrounding. And because no party is complete without dancing; let your ear buds dance to the exotic and heavenly music while our professional dancers add to the entertainment to you and to your friends!

As for those of you- beautiful guests who are organizing #bachelorettes, #weddings, #proms, benefit from our exclusive packages at your favorite resort Janna Sur Mer and spend the night of your life as you’ve never partied before! Come on; who wouldn’t love to party in Paradise!!! at Janna Sur Mer!!