We Enjoyed our vacation at Janna Sur Mer Resort…great place

We Enjoyed our vacation at Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort…Great place

a year ago
Enjoy our vacation at Janna Sur Mer resort…great place
Response from the owner 11 months ago

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to review our resort! We’re so thrilled that you have enjoyed spending your vacation at Janna Sur Mer. Our priority is to ensure that all of our guests are happy and their vacation memorable. Looking forward to host you at Janna.

Hachem Ghadie


Best Summer Vacation at Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort

Best Summer Vacation at Janna Sur Mer Beach Resort

At first I was very worried when I read some of the comments here. However, I just returned with my husband from an incredible weekend at Janna Sur Mer. The staff was very professional and helpful, service was great, the location is amazing and the bungalows are superb (we stayed at Sunset 2)! In the evening you hear some great music and the whole atmosphere is so relaxing. The music was not at all noisy so as to prevent you from a good night sleep once you close your bungalow door. I really recommend this to all lovebirds looking for a romantic and relaxing getaway for the weekend. Thank you Janna and we will surely be returning.